Alex S. Lopez

product designer


ORB360 Software

UX/UI Design — Case Study

The redesign process and outcomes for the ORB360 software, used on photography sets to capture 360° luxury fashion imagery. 

Clients: Paul Smith, GUCCI, Michael Kors

Healthcare Tools

UI Design Concept Visualisations

Designing 10x interactive prototypes for a large pharmaceutical to test with health care professionals. The concepts included clinical libraries, webinars, patient educational resources and other tools. 

Sticky Fingers Food 

Website Redesign

A week-long project, where I helped a food catering company move their business model to a digital platform as a result of the COVID pandemic.

ORB360 Hardware

Product Design for Manufacture

The Model Orb360 is a portable unit that provides high quality 360° photography for the B2B fashion industry. 

Product Manager for the full development of the Minimal Viable Product (MVP).


Rapid Prototyping and Engineering

How do you create an asymmetric 3D lattice without external fixings? 

How do you design the blown-glass shades for ease of maintenance and disassembly?


Art Installation Design

As the lead designer of Leaf, I had creative autonomy to develop unique, bespoke arrangements.

I took the projects through from concept sketch to final installation, understanding client needs and ensuring Leaf complimented the desired spaces. 


Thermal Study and Product Engineering

I lead this ambitious project, commissioned to Haberdashery which required a bespoke sculpture that seamlessly integrates: 

6000 hanging crystals 

8 custom-made LED uplighters 

and 12 composite-curved rolled tubes


Based in London, Alex is a product designer that cares about his work, his client's needs, and especially about you — the people he's designing for.

He has over 6 years practical experience as a designer; first working at award-winning design studio Haberdashery and then at fashion-tech startup ORDRE. His portfolio of work includes a broad range of design projects and specialisms that showcase a desire to constantly evolve his skillset and seek out new challenges to learn from.


Through the years, Alex has had the privilege of putting to work his foundations in design process and design thinking through the creation of physical products. He's now looking to transfer that knowledge to digital projects truly centred around users. 

Alex graduated from Brunel University in 2014 with a BSc in Product Design Engineering and recently completed an immersive course in User Experience Design from General Assembly.

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